Alumni Board of Trustees

Every chapter must cause the establishment of an Alumni Board of Trustees (ABT) as provided in Delta Chi Law. The purpose of establishing an ABT is to promote the long-term stability and existence of the chapter while enhancing the experience that the chapter is supplying to its undergraduate members.

The Alumni Board of Trustees is an advisory and supervisory group of dedicated individuals who, as a team, wish to enhance the experience of Delta Chi. This valuable group aids the chapter by drawing on its experience in the business and/or professional worlds.

A primary responsibility of the ABT is to oversee the chapter’s financial operations. In addition, the ABT gives advice in areas such as public relations, rush, leadership training, scholarship and new member education. Providing proper role models and even mentoring are also key functions of the alumni members of the ABT.

The ABT can also be a driving force in chapter growth and development. Together with the undergraduates, the ABT can help set goals and see that those goals are met. Through this process, undergraduates and alumni alike learn and grow as they work together.

Additionally, the membership of the Alumni Board of Trustees of the Marquette Chapter of Delta Chi is committed to enhancing both the active and alumni experience through sponsorship of active-alumni events, partnering with the Housing Corporation and in fostering positive alumni communication.

We, the alumni and undergraduates of the Marquette Chapter of Delta Chi, believing that certain advantages are to be derived from strong alumni support in the running of the fraternity, do adhere in the setting of the organization called Alumni Board of Trustees of Delta Chi.